Hello Global Citizens!

At the Green Gas Movement we are ambitiously moving forward with our goal to pilot the green gas button at gas stations by spring of 2017! This would give consumers the option to offset their carbon footprint for as low as 5 cents per gallon. Our organization was chosen as a finalist by the MIT Climate CoLab to present at the United Nations on March 7th, and we are looking forward to generating increased momentum and excitement there to accelerate our launch.

2017 has seen backwards steps on climate action, rather than the highly necessary forward ones the world needs. In the absence of federal action on climate change, we feel the time is now to empower people with the possibility to make easy & affordable contributions to carbon reducing projects at the gas pump. Together we can generate funding to make a significant impact in the work to combat climate change.

To realize this potential, we are hoping to raise funds to design and create the marketing material that will accompany our partnerships with gas stations, a crucial element of this concept’s efficacy.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.