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Provision Energy is proudly partneting with Green Gas to give you (program name), a natural gas option that plants trees and prevents climate change 

(PRODUCT NAME) Heat your home with a clean conscience/ Choose affordable & sustainable home heating today


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Heat your home with a clean conscience

Green Gas: Green Gas is a non-profit partnered that enables sustainable heating solutions.

Provision Energy: Provision Power & Gas is clean energy provider that serves 65,000 homes across Ohio & Michigan.

(Product name)a carbon neutral natural gas option that does not contirbute to climate change. (product name) matches 100% of it’s emissions with carbon offsets, which erase the harmful effects of your gas usage. These carbon offsets clean the pollution of your energy by supporting U.S based non-profit projects, such as tree planting and clean energy projects that literally remove your home’s carbon pollution from the air. This option allows you to prevent climate change and build a healthier planet for the future

Click below to learn more about the project portfolio managed by the Green Gas Carbon Fund.



Provision Energy serves over 65,000 homes in Ohio and Michigan. Green Gas is a certified non-profit with a mission to provide sustainable energy choices. 

Clean Heat

We offer 100% carbon offset Natural Gas. That means you can completely erase the harmful effects of your gas usage and energy consumption. 

Local Impact

We support tree planting and clean energy projects that are based in the U.S to keep the impact local.

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