Green Gas allows anyone to drive a gasoline car without contributing to climate change.


How it works: At participating gas stations, Green Gas appears as a donation option on the pump’s screen. 

By choosing Green Gas, you donate $1 to climate solutions that tackle climate change by removing carbon emissions from the air. 

Every $1 donation funds the removal of 189 lbs of carbon emissions (10 gallons of gas)

What type of “climate solutions” do Green Gas donations fund?

In the US, 40 million people go to gas stations every single day- so in a way, gas stations are hubs of American communities.

This makes gas stations great locations to reach a significant portion of the American public on a regular basis.


Even if just a small % of people choose to donate via Green Gas,

we stand to raise millions for projects tackling climate change.  

Our network of participating gas stations is growing quickly.

Look out for Green Gas coming soon to a station near you!