How to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Reduce Before You Offset - A Roadmap of Tools and Resources
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 Reduce First

More and more people who are concerned about climate change are now using Green Gas to reverse their cars’ environmental impact at the gas pump.  All together, the Green Gas community is creating an incredible environmental impact.


Being said, an understanding that is central to the Green Gas ethic is that the greenest gallon of gas is the one that’s never used. We should always reduce our environmental impact before offsetting it. 


After taking steps to reduce your impact, there will remain irreducible impact. Even vegetables bought from the local farmers market have a slight carbon footprint. For this remaining impact, our tools will give you the power to neutralize your life’s unavoidable impact. 


Here’s our guide to help you make positive changes to your life’s environmental impact:


Electric Cars

Most people think of Tesla when they think hear the word “electric car.”  But did you know that BMW, Ford, and Honda now also offer electric vehicle models? 

Choosing to trade in your gas guzzler for a clean electric is often easier and more affordable than you might think.

So, if you’re considering an electric or a plug-in hybrid, we say step on the pedal! Here’s a great electric vehicle guide to get you started on your electric quest, courtousy of Plug in America.

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