Align Your Fuel to Your Customers' Values

Green Gas is a no-cost, turnkey sustainability program for fuel retailers are using to

 improve environmental standing & earn the loyalty of conscientious customers. 

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Benefits of our Turnkey, No-Cost Program

• Secure Loyalty With Conscientious Consumers

• Improve Your Brand’s Environmental Standing

• Increase Net Promoter Score

• Generate Positive Environmental Impact

• Become a Leader In Fuel Retail Innovation

• Boost Employee Engagement

Read about the projects funded by Green Gas donations

How it Works

Reducing Emissions, Increasing Loyalty

Green Gas is an award-winning sustainability program for fuel retailers. Green Gas is a customer-facing prompt on the POS that enables consumers to donate to sustainability projects that neutralize their driving emissions.   

Projects funded by Green Gas donations   


Green Gas Stations
Gas stations with carbon neutral gasoline
How it Works

Participating gas stations allow you to donate to climate change solutions that remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere. How much does it cost to absorb the emissions your car will emit from your average fill-up? $1.

$1 offsets an average fill-up (10 gallons or 189 lbs of CO2) 


Green Gas is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, mission driven to maximize social & environmental impact.

Guaranteed Impact

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. That’s why all projects supported by Green Gas donations are rigorously audited and third-party certified to remove carbon emissions.

100% Tax deductible

All contributions made to Green Gas are 100% tax deductible.

What people are saying

“Even though our reliance on fossil fuels is slowly changing, I still can’t afford a Tesla. The Green Gas Card is the answer to my moral dilemma — now I can venture out on 4 wheels while still being a conscious steward of the environment.”

-Rae R. 

Boston, Massachusetts 

What people are saying

“The GG Card is a brilliant short-term antidote to automobile emissions. It makes contributing regularly to world-wide and local environmental projects automatic. The cost to the each user is small but the impact from a wide pool of users may be huge.”

-Thomas C. 

Randolph, Vermont

What people are saying

“The Green Gas card gives me the power to do something about my carbon footprint, and it feels great! ”

-Julie K. 

Los Angeles, California


Take climate change out of your life


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