Working toward a carbon-neutral, 100% renewable, and regenerative world

We make it easy for you to offset your carbon footprint each time you buy fossil fuel. We work to create a culture of action and responsibility for the planet’s health by embedding convenient opportunities to support climate solutions in everyday purchases. We are committed to providing a healthy planet for future generations.

The Green Gas Movement is working to build a world-wide network of communities and natural ecosystems that are harmoniously connected. As a society we need to have an intimate connection and respect for the natural world, and understand the true cost our lifestyles have on its well-being. We are committed to a world of thriving health for human beings and the ecosystems we depend on and share the planet with.

We believe this health rests on the pillars of prosperous communities, healthy soils, zero waste models of production and consumption, and is supported by carbon negative infrastructure and technologies. We are working towards a world where Green Gas is an obsolete concept.

We envision a world on the way toward a carbon neutral economy, 100% renewable energy, regenerative agriculture and forestry practices to return carbon into the earth while supporting a flourishing human population.

Green Gas provides drivers the opportunity to pay for the impact that their gas has on the earth. We work with gasoline and home heating fuel companies to provide customers with convenient ways to pay a voluntary “earth tax” that funds accredited, rigorously vetted projects that restore carbon into the earth. Every time you use gasoline or home heating fuel, you release carbon that threatens natural ecosystems. When you buy Green Gas and Clean Heat, you are paying for the work of our partner-projects to return your carbon into healthy forests and soils, while also providing sustainable livelihoods to vulnerable communities.

Our job at Green Gas Movement is to generate funds for the carbon restoration projects that return ecosystems to their original vitality. We make funding these projects a compelling priority and a convenient option. Next time you fuel up your home or your car, please ask your supplier to join us and our partnering companies who are stepping up and doing their part to build a future we can thrive in.

We hope that by providing the opportunity for people to make better environmental decisions,  we can strengthen the connection between our everyday actions and our global well-being. We believe buying Green Gas is participating in a movement toward a sustainable, wiser, and more prosperous civilization.

Annual Report & Financials: Green Gas officially began operation in 2018 with the launch of the Green Gas Card.  Our annual report and financial documents will be made publically available immediately after our report for our first operational year is filed. 


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