Reverse climate change to ensure

a just and livable future

Green Gas is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization inventing new environmental action tools for the greater public good.

We work to cultivate a culture of optimism and action around the climate by connecting millions of people to climate solutions at gas pumps across the US.

We collaborate with individuals and businesses across sectors to ensure a just and livable future.

Why We Exist

Transportation is the biggest driver of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., leaving many Americans frustrated by their contributions to climate change.

Enter Green Gas: We allow people to offset their driving emissions at the gas pump via donations. These donations then fund our portfolio of projects tackling climate change. Green Gas is now available on gas pumps across four states.

Green Gas is also known for creating the world’s first carbon neutral way of paying for gas - the Green Gas Card - which is a gas payment card that donates $0.10 per gallon to environmental projects that absorb carbon pollution from the atmosphere, offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions of all fuel purchased with the card.


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