How to reduce CO2 emissions from your life with the Green Gas Card

A payment card that removes the carbon footprint of your driving

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A gas card that fights global warming

Reduce your carbon footprint with the Green Gas Card

The Green Gas Card is payment card that automatically donates 10 cents to tree planting and clean energy projects for every gallon of gas you buy. Each time you use your card you clean 100% of the carbon pollution from your fill up, balancing your ecological footprint. Sign up is completely free & takes less than five minutes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Convenience Meets How to Save the environment

 Make the right thing to do the easy thing to do


The Green Gas Card is the solution for those looking for an answer to the question of how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from your life. Take a huge step towards sustainability with the Green Gas Card. 


How to save the environment? – With Real impact

Putting the power to solve climate change in your hands

From regenerating forests to accelerating a clean energy future, climate change solutions brought to life by Green Gas donations reduce your ecological footprint and pave the way towards a more just and livable future. 

Read about the projects funded by Green Gas donations

Clean the pollution of your gasoline with the Green Gas Card 

Mission Driven

Green Gas is a 501(c)3 non profit organization, mission driven to maximize social & environmental impact.

Easy & Free

How to reduce your carbon footprint? Simply use your Green Gas Card at the pump to offset your pollution. Sign up in just minutes for free.

Guaranteed Impact

All projects supported by Green Gas donations are rigorously audited & certified by third-party experts in global warming & carbon removal to remove greenhouse gases and reduce CO2 emissions

What people are saying

“Even though our reliance on fossil fuels is slowly changing, I still can’t afford a Tesla. The Green Gas Card is the answer to my moral dilemma — now I can venture out on 4 wheels while still being a conscious steward of the environment.”

-Rae R. 

Boston, Massachusetts 

What people are saying

“The GG Card is a brilliant short-term antidote to automobile emissions. It makes contributing regularly to world-wide and local environmental projects automatic. The cost to the each user is small but the impact from a wide pool of users may be huge.”

-Thomas C. 

Randolph, Vermont

What people are saying

“The Green Gas card gives me the power to do something about my carbon footprint, and it feels great! ”

-Julie K. 

Los Angeles, California

How to help the environment

Stop Climate Change with the Green Gas Card

                                    ….And say goodbye to the ecological footprint of your driving