Use the Green Gas tools to directly support projects that improve the health of your local community and the planet by cleaning your life’s carbon pollution from our air.

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Transparency: Whether you use our Green Gas Card to reverse your car’s environmental impact or you use Green My Life to reverse your entire life’s carbon footprint, 90% of all your contributions generated through these tools go to the powerful environmental projects you see on this page.

Project #1: Planting Forests to Benefit People and Planet

Limlay Valley, Nicaragua

When you choose Green Gas, you’re supporting a project that has planted over 2 million trees to transform a swath of seasonal desert into forest.

Did you know that trees absorb the same carbon pollution that our cars emit? Believe it or not, trees are 50% carbon by weight. So by planting trees, we can absorb the carbon pollution that our cars emit when we drive.

Our partners at Taking Root use funds from the Green Gas Card to empower rural and indigenous people to restore and protect tropical ecosystems. Farmers receive funding to plant a mixture of native trees and cash crops that restore natural habitat while creating a new source of long-term income for over 1,200 people.

This project is certified by the Plan Vivo Standard, which ensures that a majority of carbon finance reaches the local community members who are repairing the land. Site visits are conducted on a bi-annual basis to measure and verify the exact amount of carbon pollution absorbed from our atmosphere.


  • Reversing Climate Change- Absorbtion of carbon dioxide emissions from our air
  • Alleviating Poverty- $2M+ to local communities
  • Regenerating Soil Health
  • Protecting Biodiversity– Restoration of habitat for threatened species

Project #2: Turning Landfill Fumes into Clean Energy

New Bedford, Massachusetts

One man’s trash is another man’s…power?

Over time, the vast amounts of food that fill our landfills ferment in an environment devoid of oxygen, a process that releases methane fumes into our air.  Methane is a dangerous greenhouse gas, as it is 86 times more damaging to our Earth than carbon dioxide.

Rather than letting this gas seep into our air, a landfill in Massachusetts is using Green Gas funds to capture and convert this methane into electricity. This single project powers 2,500 homes in New England that would have otherwise been powered with dirtier sources of electricity.


  • Destroys dangerous methane emissions
  • Generates 3.2 megawatts of clean energy, powering 2,500 homes across New England

Carbon Offset Certification Docs:

2017 Monitoring Report

Project Description


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