Explore the climate solutions at the very heart of the Green Gas Card.

Discover how the simple act of cleaning our pollution from the air generates powerful benefits for people and nature

Planting Forests to Benefit People and Planet

Limlay Valley, Nicaragua

When you choose Green Gas, you’re supporting a project that has planted over 2 million trees to transform a large swath of seasonal desert into forest.  

Our partners at Taking Root use funds from the Green Gas Card to empower rural and indigenous people to restore and protect tropical ecosystems. Farmers are giving funding to plant a mixture of native trees and cash crops that restore habitat while creating a new source of long-term income for over 1,200 people.

Site visits are conducted on a bi-annual basis and cross-referenced with satellite imagery to measure and verify the exact amount of carbon pollution absorbed from our atmosphere. Check out the impact for yourself through the interactive map button to the below. 

Because trees absorb the same carbon pollution that our cars emit- trees are 50% carbon- tree planting is a powerful way to clean up the climate-disrupting pollution that come out of our cars’ tailpipes.


  • Reversing Climate Change- Absorbtion of carbon dioxide emissions from our air
  • Alleviating Poverty- $2M+ to local communities
  • Protecting Biodiversity– Restoration of habitat for threatened species

Turning Landfill Fumes into Clean Energy

Over time, the vast amounts of food that fill our landfills ferments in an environment devoid of oxygen, releasing methane gas into our air.  Methane is essentially a greenhouse gas on steroids, as it is 86x more damaging to our Earth than carbon dioxide. Rather than letting this gas escape into our air, this innovative project captures and converts this methane into electricity. This generates enough electricity to power 2,500 homes in New England, homes that would’ve otherwise been powered with dirtier sources of electricity.  


  • Destroys methane emissions- 86x more dangerous than CO2!
  • Generates 3.2 MW of clean energy (enough to power 2,500 homes across New England)

Due Dilligence Documents:

2017 Monitoring Report

Project Description



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