Kyle Kornack

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Executive Director & Co-Founder


Before founding Green Gas, Kyle helped start Boston’s first organic beverage company—Jubali—where he worked for 3 years to scale a regional brand dedicated to local agruiculture.  Before the “juice days,” it’d have been difficult to find Kyle, as he was in the remote reaches of the Pacific, studying permaculture at the Hawaii Sancutary while managing a spider monkey and exotic bird sanctuary. Before that chapter, he worked a more normal job in the renewable energy industry leading a marketing team in a grassroots campaign that moved thousands of New England homeowners off oil heat. In 2017, Kornack was recognized by MIT as a “MIT Solver” after presenting the Green Gas model at the United Nations.  He holds a dual BA in Environmental Studies and Philosophy from Northeastern University, where during his studies he served as environmental educator in Boston public schools.  In his free time, you may find him improvising on the piano or braving the New England weather on spontaneous bike trips.

Liam Madden

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Development Director & Co-Founder 

 First and foremost, Liam is a human being in service. His mission is to help create a regenerative civilization, and to embody wisdom, strength and love. He brings experience in non-profit management, and social entrepreneurship to the field of climate solutions. He has built multi-million dollar brands, won a human rights award for activism, served as a Marine Corps sergeant, studied environmental science and international affairs and made beautiful connections (and learned from mistakes) along the way. His committment to growing the availability and impact of Green Gas comes from a belief that people need to have the convenient choice to make more beneficial consumer choices, and that when they do, they will subtly begin to grasp their everyday actions are connected to our shared destiny. Thats why he loves this project: it can create real impact for climate solutions, but also begin to change the thinking behind our economic actions. In his free time he loves to grow things, from gardens, to ideas, from businesses, to movements.

David Cooch

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Operations Director & Co-Founder

As a born and raised Vermonter, David grew up close to a healthy and beautiful natural ecosystem. This made a huge impression on him and instilled an appreciation for nature, and a desire to protect and live in balance with the natural world . With the scientific community strongly behind the science of climate change, and the effects and repercussions becoming more apparent and serious by the day, he is convinced in our need for urgent action and a fundamental shift in the way we approach sustainability and regeneration. He has a background in operations management, social entrepreneurship, food justice, & wildlife conservation.