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Green Gas Card
Reverses your car’s environmental impact
How it Works
Drive change, not climate change

When you use the Green Gas Card to fill up your car’s tank, it directly supports sustainability projects in your community and around the globe to improve the health of our planet and absorb 100% of your car’s carbon pollution from our atmosphere.

  • Syncs to your bank account
  • Automatically measures and offsets your car’s carbon footprint when you fill up
  • Your contributions support our Climate Solution Portfolio
  • Secure card comes in mail
  • Accepted at gas stations across the US
  • Monthly reports on your positive environmental impact
  • 90% of donated funds go towards programming

Price: 10¢/gallon

Green Gas Stations

Gas stations with the carbon neutral gas

How it Works

Participating stations offer the option to donate $1 to climate solutions that boost the health of the local community by cleaning the air of your car’s carbon emissions.

$1 offsets an average fill-up (10 gallons or 189 lbs of CO2) 

How it Works

Zero out your carbon footprint & max out your rewards

When you fill up at the pump, the Green Gas Card calculates your carbon footprint, zeros it out, and enters you into weekly giveaways to win rewards.

Learn more about the Green Gas Card or Green My Life App

the impact

Putting the power to solve climate change in your hands

From regenerating forests to accelerating a clean energy future, use Green Gas tools to solve climate change by supporting our world class local and global projects. With Green Gas, our small steps unite to make a huge difference.

Read about the projects we support


We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization mission driven to maximize impact.

100% Tax deductible

All contributions made to Green Gas are 100% tax deductible.

You’re In Control

With Green My Life, you can choose how much you want to contribute to causes, and adjust the amount anytime.

What people are saying

“Even though our reliance on fossil fuels is slowly changing, I still can’t afford a Tesla. The Green Gas Card is the answer to my moral dilemma — now I can venture out on 4 wheels while still being a conscious steward of the environment.”

-Rae R. 

Boston, Massachusetts 

What people are saying

“The GG Card is a brilliant short-term antidote to automobile emissions. It makes contributing regularly to world-wide and local environmental projects automatic. The cost to the each user is small but the impact from a wide pool of users may be huge.”

-Thomas C. 

Randolph, Vermont

What people are saying

“The Green Gas card gives me the power to do something about my carbon footprint, and it feels great! ”

-Julie K. 

Los Angeles, California


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